Asset Tracking

No matter where your assets are, GCSat Botswana keeps you in the know, with sophisticated, reliable satellite communications solutions that enable full integration of your fleet into your enterprise management and IT systems.

We provide a cross section of solutions to ensure your ability to track and communicate with your assets anywhere in the world.

  • Track your vehicles, field equipment, containers, or other fixed or mobile assets
  • Location tracking by GPS with optional geo-fencing and mapping solutions
  • Track operational information such as runtime, temperature, security alarms, vehicle doors open/closed, speed, pressure or other parameters.

Vehicle Tracking


Vehicle tracking enables tracking of any vehicle & monitoring of course and vehicle speed. Tracking allows switching between GMS/GPRS & satellite tracking as well as setting geo fences for vehicle so customers are alerted should the vehicle go outside of an allocated area.


Personnel Tracking

Personnel tracking is a versatile tracking, monitoring & messaging service with near real time positioning & status updates of personnel with street level mapping and satellite imagery.



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