Mobile Data

Access to broadband internet is now an essential business requirement. We can ensure you remain connected at all times, no matter how wide your reach.

Mobile Voice, Fax, Data, Video Streaming

With Inmarsat’s BGAN service, you can set up a broadband mobile office in minutes – wherever you are on the planet. Delivered via the world’s largest and most sophisticated communications satellites, BGAN will provide affordable, mobile broadband services at speeds up to half a megabit in a highly portable, easy to use form.

  • Mobile satellite terminals providing voice, fax, video conferencing, Internet and data communications.
  • Dedicated channel for data, video and audio streaming.
  • Data transfers at up to 492kbs send and receive dependant on the terminal selected.
  • Usage charged for on volume of data moved basis and per minute for voice calls.
  • Pre-paid and Post-paid packages available.

Global Coverage

GCSat Botswana - BGAN portable coverage

GCSat Botswana – BGAN portable coverage


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