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    VSAT Systems

    Broadband Internet Solutions. Up to 4MB on download.

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    We manage your communications easily

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    Connect from Anywhere, Anytime

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    Connection in the most remote locations in the country.

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    Satellite Internet Solutions

GCSat Botswana. NO ADSL? No Cell coverage, No Wireless? Wherever you need broadband, let GCSat get you connected. Super fast, broadband connection via a satellite dish.

What offer


Satellite Airtime Plans for Inmarsat and Iridium networks.   Buy Airtime


GCSat Botswana provides a suite of mobile and stationary Satellite communications solutions for…

Asset Tracking

No matter where your assets are, GCSat Botswana keeps you in the know,…

Mobile Voice

Inmarsat’s and Iridium’s portable and fixed phone services provide essential voice calls…

Mobile Data

Access to broadband internet is now an essential business requirement. We can…

Remote Internet

Our VSAT systems provide high speed, broadband satellite communications for Internet or…