Complaints Handling Procedure

A subscriber is entitled to make a complaint to GCSat regarding any area of the service that the subscriber feels is not as per their subscriber agreement with GCSat or does not meet the Service description stated on the service pricing schedule from GCSat.

  1. Informal complaints will not be recorded but will be dealt with informally and expediently. If the resolution of such an informal complaint is not to the satisfaction of the subscriber, the subscriber may submit a formal complaint.

The Formal Complaints Procedure is intended to ensure all complaints are dealt with fairly and consistently with the intended outcome being the subscriber’s satisfaction.

  1. Formal complaints are to be submitted to the relevant department within GCSat being Support or Accounts, in writing by email to the relevant email address listed below with the subject line marked Complaint –
    1. Technical and service related complaints –
    2. Accounts and billing related complaints –
  2. Subscriber complaints must be submitted as soon as possible but not later than two weeks (fourteen days) after an issue arises.
  3. Subscriber complaints must be sufficiently detailed such that the issue and resultant problem area may be clearly and easily identified by GCSat in order for the complaint to be investigated and resolved.
  4. GCSat will acknowledge receipt of the complaint by return email within one working day, being Monday to Friday, of receiving the complaint.
  5. Proposed resolutions to the complaint will be communicated by return email to the subscriber for comment and or approval.
  6. The proposed resolution will be implemented and the complaint will be deemed resolved when
    1. The subscriber agrees that they are satisfied with the outcome or
    2. GCSat has not received a response from the subscriber within 1 week of the last communication with the subscriber in regard to the complaint.
  7. This process should not take longer than two weeks (fourteen days) from start to finish.

If the subscriber does not feel satisfied with the resolution or does not feel that GCSat has sufficiently addressed their formal complaint, they may consult the BOCRA complaints procedure at and lodge a formal complaint with BOCRA.